Naomi Carrier


Naomi Mitchell Carrier has been a heritage tourism professional for over fifteen years and has a thorough understanding of Texas history from the African American perspective. Her years as a classroom teacher and principal have helped her value the importance of making tourim an unforgettable experience for both education and enjoyment. She has designed her talking back tours for conferees, students of all ages, educators, church groups, and individuals around these themes: Houston – The Big City; Black Cowboys; East Texas Blues; Brazos Valley Plantations; and Galveston – 19th Century Gateway.

Carrier is the founder of the Texas Center for African American Living History. Her original historical plays have been published in a volume entitled, Go Down, Old Hannah: The Living History of African American Texas (University of Texas Press, 2010). Carrier is the co-author of HCR 254 which recognizes the Underground Railroad from Texas to Mexico and to that end, she coordinated three forums in collaboration with Sam Houston Museum and the National Park Service. She often includes reenactments on her tours. You may visit her website at