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Lucille is the Owner and President of Le’Ob’s Tours & Travel. She has been a Licensed Tour Guide of New Orleans for 30 years and recently became a Certified Professional Guide with the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston (PTGAH).

Le’Ob’s Tours materialized in 1982. Lucille created an African Heritage Tour of New Orleans, and Parishes and presently created an African Heritage Tour of Houston and Counties, Plantation, Cemetery and History Tours.

For 30 years, she specialized in Bus Tours, Civil Rights Tours, Underground Railroad Tours of Canada, Ohio, Heritage Tours of Alabama, Georgia, New Orleans, Memphis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Natchez, Mississippi, Washington, D.C. and Texas.

Le’Ob’s Tours has been featured in USA Guide to Black America, Fordor’s Travel Guide, Guide to the Underground Railroad Book, American Vision Magazines, In Flight Magazine, and the Underground Railroad Book by Dr. Charles Blockson, Ethnic New Orleans book by Martin Hintz, 3rd Edition Who’s Who in Black Houston.

She is a native of New Orleans and relocated to Houston seven years ago. She offers African Heritage Tours of New Orleans, Parishes, Houston, and counties for children, adults, conventions, churches, organizations, etc. for large or small groups.

Lucile Le’Obia
Le’Ob’s ours & Travle