PTGAH Meeting, Thursday, Sept. 21

At the Trini Mendenhall Community Center at 1414 Wirt Road

6:00 setup – meeting to start by 6:45

Lite Refreshments…..

This is our Educational Meeting.

A Panel Discussion to include the following topics –

Pricing – Esther Porter    

This include pricing for ourselves, pricing for sales, and pricing guidelines to use as you are supplying staff, equipment, and services for other companies or programs. ….

Marketing – wide view – Vicki Clakley

This marketing information includes: Types of advertising, Publicity as exposure, Social Media, Websites. …..

Tours – Andrew Groocock

This includes types of tours, demand, ideas, tour ownership, maybe some tricks of the trade. ….


Panelists will add or change somewhat to suite their expertise.

Each of us has specialties and we know that anytime we get together and begin talking we have learned that we get valuable information from one another. We hope that you each will be able to both share and learn from these discussions.

We will divide the time by quarters. Short opening:  then 1/4th for each topic and 1/4th for an ending discussion.  We will be timing so that we can equally divide discussions.

Each Panelist will present a short introduction and then open their topic for questions and discussion.

In order to have as much time as possible I suggest the following timing. We can expect people to continuing getting food… throughout the meeting.

Suggested Timing:

6:00 — set up and gather for lite refreshment…

6:45 — begin meeting

7:00 — begin panel discussion —- (as early as possible to give us more time)

8:30 to 8:55 — clean up —- (building should be empty by 9)