About Us

In 2000, a small group of individuals with a common interest and goal in mind came together and the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston (PTGAH) was founded and formally chartered in May of that same year.

The PTGAH is a volunteer organization with four membership categories: Certified, Associate, Corporate, and Honorary. The PTGAH Board is elected each January and provides leadership along with conducting Association business on behalf of the entire membership.

The PTGAH is dedicated to offering educational programs for all its members and a certification program for those members wanting to become a Certified Professional Guide. Most of our Certified Professional Guides have their own tour guide businesses, but use their individual membership with the PTGAH to expand their knowledge.

Our monthly meetings are held to provide learning opportunities among all our members. New venues in the Houston and surrounding areas are visited to preview what each has to offer.

Code of Ethics

All members of this Association pledge to maintain the maximum degree of professionalism by adhering to the Association’s Code of Ethics.

1. Strive for excellence in all aspects of the profession and personally guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the material presented.

2. Extend professional respect and a spirit of cooperation to fellow guides.

3. Maintain loyalty to the companies that contract for our services and protect the confidentiality of proprietary information.

4. Uphold the Association’s philosophy of aspiring to excellence through a program of certification and continuing education

The PTGAH is maintained by an elected volunteer board which meets monthly. Current serving board members are:

President: Ronn Canon
Vice Presidents: Vicki Clakley
Treasurer: Melissa Dixon
Recording Secretary: April Smith
Membership Secretary: Richard Cook