The Professional Tour Guide
Association of Houston (PTGAH)
is a volunteer educational resource organization for people who give tours or simply wish to learn more about the City of Houston.
Although we are primarily an educational organization we are also a resource for individuals or groups looking to hire a tour guide within The Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.

Tour Guide Learning Resource
Our organization hosts an educational program on the third Thursday evening of each month usually at a place of local interest.

Tour Guide Hiring Resource
If you are searching to hire a tour guide within the Greater Houston Metropolitan area our website contains the tour expertise and contact information of our certified member guides (see Guides section).

Visit With Us
A prospective member is allowed 2 free visits to a monthly meeting.
Please feel free to attend any monthly meeting.
Contact president@ptgah.com if you require further information.

Individuals wishing to join our organization may join as an Associate Member ($30.00 per year).

Certified professional members ($60.00 per year) are advanced from our associate membership. Periodically we administer a basic tour guide competency test. Upon the passing of this test a member becomes certified and has the option to be listed in the Guides section our website.


The PTGAH is a member of The National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations USA.